Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Arms were super sore on Sunday from my Friday night antics.  

Sunday was busy with NFL watching and hanging out with the family at home.  First Sunday without 9man practice !

Monday work was lame as usual.  I've been trying to get one cable made in the lab for 2 months but no one knows where I'm supposed to connect !  Damn baby-boomers. 

Churchill JV Girls volleyball had our first match on Monday night vs Blake.  The starters did well enough in the first game that I decided to put all the freshmen in for the second game.  It quickly got out of hand so I subbed in some strong servers and we almost came back from a 12 point deficit. I started the 1st team in the 3rd game and we got out to an 11 point lead.  Started subbing in more freshmen and we BARELY won 15-13.  In fact, if the ref had been paying attention he would have called us out of rotation on the final two points.  Good learning experience for the freshmen but this is what gives coaches grey hair !

No gym on Monday night.  I stayed home to watch the Redskins get smashed by the Eagles.  Anyone that thinks RG3 is 100% is blind.  The second half "improvement" was mostly due to the fact that the Eagles were in a prevent defense.  They knew a dink and dunk offense wouldn't be able to come back from a 33-7 deficit. 

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