Sunday, March 9, 2014

how many days until Vegas???

Chest and Back

14 minute warmup on the recumbent bike
25 standard pushups
10 pullups
25 military pushups (elbows tucked to sides)
10 chinups
25 diamond pushups
10 close-grip pullups
25 decline pushups
10 wide grip pullups
3x10 35lbs dumbbell benchpress
3x10 85 lbs rows (cable machine w/close grip)
3x10 30lbs dumbbell incline benchpress
3x10 incline row machine w/45lbs
3x10 back extension with 45lbs plate
stretch and foam roller

My goal is to workout three times this week and then up it to 4-5 the following weeks.

Father Time is a Bastard

I have no idea how long is has been since I last posted.  Suffice it to say, I have not lived up to the original purpose of this blog.  I've maybe gone to the gym twice since Thanksgiving.  Pathetic. I know. However, I have been snowboarding 6 times.  That counts for something, right?

Anyway... The plantar fasciitis seems to be under control, patella tendonitis in both knees is pretty bad but I think its exacerbated by muscle loss in my legs from not working out at all.  We shall see....

I've made my hotel booking for the Vegas NACIVT.   Time to get back on track.