Monday, September 23, 2013


After the last leg workout, it feels like I've strained my left hamstring and the plantar fasciitis has flared up like crazy in my right foot.  So I didn't do much last week except for running/participating in drills with the Churchill JV team.  

Last Friday was my 39th birthday.  Priya and I took the kids to the nature center on Democracy Blvd to learn about bats.  The kids wore their Batman t-shirts and I wore my super-awesome Batman jacket.  We saw a grand total of ONE bat.  But still, it was cool spending time with kids.  Afterwards we had a nice dinner with my sister and my cousin Luke and his girlfriend at Founding Farmers.  I ordered a drink called "Bone."  It had Tabasco, Knob Creek bourbon and it was garnished with BACON.  It was fantastic.  I will definitely get that again. 

Saturday night I attended an MVP fundraiser at Hollywood East Cafe in Wheaton.  I came in second in the limbo contest.  Not bad for 39 years old!

Jeff Wang led Timmy, T, Kristina, Pic, Rosanna, and me through the following workout on Sunday 9/22:

  • 5 minute light warm up
  • 10 minutes dynamic stretching
  • Body Weight Strength Focus (1 minute per station, 3 times around each station)
    • Russian curls (Partner) 
    • Staggered push-up 
    • Plank w/ leg drop (Partner) 
    • ATW lunge 
    • Renegade rows 
    • Lateral mountain climber 
  • Ladder Conditioning Focus 
    • Bunny hop
    • 1 legged bunny rt, 1 legged bunny lt
    • Lateral bunny
    • Skier (45 degrees for hips) then sprint 
    • Cross-over shuffle (outside leg starts) then sprint 
    • Backward cross-over shuffle then trunk rotation
    • Train then trunk rotation
    • Snake FF/over/BB then push/pull
    • Triple jump (3, 4, max) then push/pull
    • Quarter squats on side of ladder then sprint
It took us about an hour and a half to complete.  We hope to do this or something like this every weekend.  

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