Sunday, October 6, 2013


Pathetic week exercise-wise.  My foot was bothering me a lot and I had to put in some extra hours each day for work.  Poor excuses, but that's reality.  

Thursday I had a follow-up with the podiatrist.  I got a new night splint and a got fitted for custom orthotics.  They should be ready in about two weeks.  Looking forward to getting those.  After using the night splint and ratcheting up the stretch angle, I definitely think there has been some improvement.  Also, the tape-job on my foot is working pretty well too.

Just finished another "Tabata" session with Jeff and Tim.  8 rounds per stations, 10 stations, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.  The whole thing took about 47 minutes to complete.  Jello-legs are the result !

Here is the list of stations.  I started at Station 2.

1) Curls - First four sets I used a 10 lb plate, second 4 I used a 25. 
2) Helicopter push-ups
3) start lying down on back with knees bent. 25 lb plate held with two hands behind head. sit up bringing plate in front of feet and then stand up and press plate above your head
4) bicycle
5) air squats with 10 lb plate, explode at the top
6) Sprints
7) "Thirds" - ladder type lateral movement
8) regular pushups
9) side lunge and then come up one one foot
10) burpees

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