Sunday, October 13, 2013


Interesting afternoon.  After taking care of some chores around the house, I was all set to workout.  I went to the back of the jeep to put my vball shoes in my gym bag.  When I popped the rear window open, much to my surprise, I saw someone sitting in the back seat.  HOLY SHIT.  WTF. OMG. I could tell it was a kid so I just said firmly, "You gotta go."  Then I went around to the side of the jeep and opened the rear passenger door.  Then I realized who it was.  It was a girl from the neighborhood that has developmental issues.  I started asking her if she needed help or if she needed me to call someone.  She just put her fingers in her ears and started making weird noises and got out of the car.  She proceeded to start walking home but then stopped on the way to try to get into another neighbor's car.  Thankfully that car was locked and she then proceeded home. 

UNSETTLING to say the least. 

Here is what I managed to get done at Lifetime today:
12 minute recumbent bike warmup, 5 min level 8, 5 min level 10, 2 min level 9.

1) Squats: 135 x10, 185x10, 185x10, 185x10
2) Deadlifts: 135x10, 155x10, 155x10, 155x10
3) Smith Machine Calf Raises: feet straight 155x15 for 2 sets, feet pointed out 155x15 for two sets, feet pointed in 105x15 for two sets
4) Decline Leg press machine: 180x10, 210x10, 210x10
5) Back extensions with 25lb dumbbell in each hand: 3 sets of 10
6) Lunges with 60 lb barbell on shoulders: 3 sets of 16 (8 up and 8 back )
7) Lateral box Push Offs - 3 sets of 20 with 18 inch box
8) seated platform jumps - 2 sets of 10 - start in seated position on 18 inch platform, swing arms and jump on top of 30 inch platform
9) jump over the 18 in platform and then immediately jump onto 30 inch platform - 2 sets of 5
10) stretch

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